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The paranormal life of a normal Italian teenager

I'm gonna start by saying "don't trust what the title up here says", because no - I'm definitely not normal. (Normal is boooooring.)

So, uhm, well. Hi. I'm new...ish. I've actually been lurking around here for a while, but now I'm really getting to know LJ. I'm torn between being excited and terrified, so I'll just go for... excified. (Yay for made-up words!)

Okay, so, I thought I should at least try to introduce myself before posting anything like fanfiction or graphics because of, y'know, politeness.

So, uhm... I'm an Italian teenager (the title kinda gave it away) and I'm a girl. See? You already know me: teenager, italian, female, not normal. We're best buddies now... Come here and gimme a hug!

Fandoms I'm currently in (my preferences are volatile): White Collar, iZombie, Suits (getting there as I haven't actually watched any eps yet), Merlin, Avengers, Disney and others that'll come to mind.

I'm mainly a writer, but I also make graphics, fanvideos (mediocre at best) and sometimes draw stuff.

My nickname is literally a mistake. I blame Google Translate and the ambiguity of the Italian language. You see, I meant to have a name meaning "sweetly crazy", so I typed it in italian and translated it into various languages until I found something that tickled my fancy. In this case, Esperanto. I fell in love with "MildeAmasoj" from the beginning. Then a year later, I realized that, in Italian, "crazy" and "crowds" are written the same way, so my name actually means "sweetly crowds". Makes so much sense, right? *headdesk*

Things that are currently bothering me and/or show how not-normal my life is:

1) I've run out of juice. I need juice. Pear juice. I love it. I need it. I can't go on for much more without juice.

2) I didn't eat pizza on Friday night, aka Pizza night, because my parents betrayed me and went out to have fun while I had to stay at home, studying and making sure my brother (who thought he was dying because he had a throat ache - seriously, boys are such wimps) stayed alive for the whole night. Mom made me chicken breast, which I like, but not for the third time in a week. I'm kinda sick of it now. Anyway, Pizza night should be inviolable. I'm pissed that it wasn't.

3) I'll have to sleep on the couch tonight because my bed wants to kill me. I kid you not, it might really be after me, with all that dust hiding under it. My allergies have been acting up for months and I can't deal with them anymore. And the couch looks friendly enough.

*sighs* Ah, real life problems. So hard to deal with. Oh, and:

4) Ants are invading my kitchen. Whenever I kill one (or five) I refer to myself as "Jack the Ripper" for the subsequent three minutes, right before the excitement fades.

Seriously, is it me or am I really really boring? *pouts* At least I've got my superpower of not being normal. I might be boring, but never a normal kind of boring.

...The lack of sleep is clearly at fault for this absurd ramble. (At least I hope so.)

I think I've embarrassed myself enough for tonight. Adieu.

(And yeah, my avatar shows my amazingly cute dog.)
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